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Founded in 1973

Milmont Greenhouses was founded by Willis and Salina Miller in Stuarts Draft in 1973. Their business began humbly as two small greenhouses used for growing vine-ripened tomatoes. During the early years, Willis continued his employment as a full-time electrician while Salina took care of the greenhouses. Eventually, they began growing flowering plants and, in 1984, Willis transitioned to his greenhouses full time.

Milmont is still a family business, with two of the five Miller children and many grandchildren involved in the operations. Son-in-law Duane Weaver is Milmont's General Manager.  Another son, LaVerne Miller, also works at the garden center, and David Miller, a grandson, heads up the sales department. 

With the increase in demand for their plants, the Millers' business has expanded to the now 33,000 square feet greenhouse, 4,000 square feet of cold frames, a one acre outdoor growing space for perennials and garden mums, 12,000 square feet of garden center space and half an acre of outside sales display area. With a strong commitment to ensuring the best quality and selection, most of the plants that are sold at Milmont are grown on-site. People come from all over the Shenandoah Valley and the country to shop at Milmont.

The majority of the plants grown are sold to individuals who visit the garden center, but a hefty portion are also sold wholesale to garden centers and florists in the Shenandoah Valley area, as well as Charlottesville, Lexington and Harrisonburg. To quote Bob Villenave, Virginia Editor for Southeastern Floriculture (Vol. 9, Issue 6, Nov/Dec 1999 issue), "Milmont Greenhouses and Garden Center should be on the itinerary of any wholesale grower who is considering expansion into retail operations."

The Miller family and staff of Milmont take great pride in their facility and the quality of their plants and products. That includes store cleanliness and neatness. Not only are plants displayed attractively and are easily identifiable, but the staff takes extra care to ensure the store and greenhouse areas are swept, well stocked and neat. Visitors will frequently see staff out watering the plants and assisting customers in finding the right plants. Milmont strives to excel at providing friendly and helpful customer service.

Milmont currently has 33 full-time and part-time employees. Turnover of personnel is fairly low, so it's easy for customers to get to know the staff personally and vice versa. Surrounded by breathtaking mountain views and farmland, Milmont is a refreshing place to visit any time of year. The management and staff of Milmont Greenhouses and Garden Center would like to express their deep appreciation to all of their customers and invite individual shoppers as well as wholesalers to continue to stop by and get to know them and their plants.


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Information about Anabaptists

Anabaptists (Greek ανα (again) +βαπτιζω (baptize), thus, "re-baptizers"[1], German: Wiedertäufer) are Christians of the Radical Reformation. Various groups at various times have been called Anabaptist, but this article focuses primarily on the Anabaptists of 16th century Europe.

The term "anabaptist" comes from the practice of baptizing individuals who had been baptized previously, often as infants. Anabaptists believe infant baptism is not valid, because a child cannot commit to a religious faith, and they instead support what's called believer's baptism.

The word anabaptism is used in this article to describe any of the 16th century "radical" dissenters, and the denominations descending from the followers of Menno Simons. Today the descendants of the 16th century European movement (particularly the Baptists, Amish, Hutterites, Mennonites, Church of the Brethren, and Brethren in Christ) are the most common bodies referred to as Anabaptist.

Taken from: Anabaptist. (2007, May 12). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

The following websites can provide more information on the Anabaptist movement and beliefs:

The following information is an excerpt from

  • Contemporary groups with early Anabaptist roots include the Mennonites, Amish, Dunkards, Landmark Baptists, Hutterites, and various Beachy and Brethren groups. 
  • There is no single defining set of beliefs, doctrines, and practices that characterizes all Anabaptists.
  • The era of the 16th-century Protestant Reformation in Europe spawned a number of radical reform groups, among them the Anabaptists. These Christians regarded the Bible as their only rule for faith and life. Because of their radical beliefs, the Anabaptists were persecuted by other Protestants as well as by Roman Catholics.
  • Mennonites have been characterized historically by a love for the Word of God, and by a strict demand for holiness of life.
  • The evangelical and non-revolutionary Anabaptists of Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands, were somewhat of a trial to the leading reformers because of their radical views on the nature of the church and of the Christian ethic.
  • January 21, 1525, is generally considered the birth date of Anabaptism.

Willis Miller, along with his wife, Salina, founded Milmont more than 30 years ago.
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The mission of Milmont Greenhouses, Inc. is to share the glory and beauty of God's creation by providing the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia customers with an extensive array of skillfully nurtured plants and gardening supplies, accompanied by exemplary levels of service reflective of our heritage.