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Flowering Kale and Cabbage produce brightly colored foliage in shades of green, purple, lavender and white for a beautiful garden display.

Fall Flowering Cabbage & Kale

The following fall plants are available at Milmont and are listed in alphabetical order. Due to our continuously changing inventory, you may wish to call us at (540) 943-8408 or e-mail milmont@milmont.com to ensure availability and to check prices. The Item # is included for your convenience.


29037 Flowering Cabbage Osaka Pink 10" Pan
29038 Flowering Cabbage Osaka Red 10" Pan
29039 Flowering Cabbage Osaka White 10" Pan
12115 Flowering Kale / Cabbage Assorted
39485 Flowering Kale 4" Pot
29040 Flowering Kale Chidori Red 10" Pan
29041 Flowering Kale Emperor Red 10" Pan
29042 Flowering Kale Emperor Rose 10" Pan
29043 Flowering Kale Emperor White 10" Pan
32909 Flowering Kale Glamour Red 10" Pan