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Birdbaths made from impressive granite boulders blend naturally into any landscape. The basins of the Boulder Birdbaths have a smooth ground finish with a polished rim and a natural edge. These adorable one-of-a-kind carved stone owls were created after seeing similar 'species' perched on the fence of an old farmhouse near Prague. Use indoors or out. When was the last time you were seated on hundreds of pounds of natural, semi-precious stone? This Stone Age Creations exclusive has a polished green seat. The edges match the free-form appearance of the jade legs which are squared and also polished. The jade legs of the Ocean Surf bench are are squared and polished. You can't help but notice the natural beauty and detail of this piece. The beauty of the natural jade used in this Ocean Splash bench is matched only by its durability—it's actually harder than granite. The seat top is polished and sits atop a hand-forged iron base with grapevine design. Every bench is custom fitted and, therefore, unique. To further showcase the character of this jade bench, the polished seat sits atop a hand-forged iron base with grapevine design. It is then zinc plated and treated to protect it from rusting. The metalwork is completed with hand-painted bronze, green and purple accents. Each piece is custom-made and unique. In small, medium or large, these impressive Boulder Birdbaths are made from granite boulders and blend naturally into any landscape. The basins have a smooth ground finish with a polished rim and a natural edge. Look at the detail in these quaint stone birds. Hand-carved from assorted colors of granite, they're the perfect size to sit atop one of the stone bird baths or even on the windowsill of your kitchen. Another adorable one-of-a-kind carved stone owl. Take one home or adopt an entire family of owls. Great as accent pieces for the garden, yard or indoors.

Granite & Boulder Stone Benches

by Stone Age Creations

Milmont Garden Center features an array of carved-stone garden benches, birdbaths and stone animals by Stone Age Creations
All of these products are of the highest quality, hand-carved stone, jade or granite taken from boulders that have already endured harsh outdoor environments for thousands of years.  So, you can be ensured they will endure for many, many more years in your yard and garden.

Stone Age Creations is the largest manufacturer of natural stone garden statuary that manufacturers items in America.

All the carved stone benches are approximately 18-20" high (a normal, comfortable seating height in America) and are designed to be wide enough to seat two people comfortably.

  • GRANITE is an igneous rock typically formed as a result of volcanic activity and is known for its strength and durability.  The best reasons to use granite for garden statuary products is because it will last forever and it should appreciate in value as it ages.  Some of the products here come from granite that is quarried in 20,000 pound blocks and sawn, chiseled, and carved.  Other products are from granite boulders collected from mountains, streams or fields.  The outside surface of a boulder has a beautiful patina that is the result of hundreds or thousands of years of weathering.  Many of the boulders were deposited by glaciers.
    • JADE is a semi-precious stone that is harder and more durable than granite.  It has incredible color and character.  The jade used in many of these products is in the form of large boulders that are collected from rivers and mountains.  Some of the items are made from jade boulders where the natural exterior of the boulder is left untouched.  Other items are made by jade boulders that are sawn, chiseled, and polished on all surfaces.

    WE CAN SPECIAL ORDER ANY PRODUCT!  Ask to see a catalog for a variety of products from Stone Age Creations: Tables, Fountains & Bubblers, Lanterns, Stone Sculptures, Animals, Planters, Posts, Statues, Monuments & Memorials, even Kitchen & Bath Furniture.