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Pumpkins & Gourds as Fall Harvest Crops

Pumpkins and gourds can be grown in areas all across Virginia. As fall-harvest crops, they offer growers the opportunity to further diversify. You may be considering growing pumpkins or gourds to sell or just for the fun of it. It is important with pumpkins and gourds, as with any crop, to consider your marketing options before planting.

Opportunities exist for direct marketing pumpkins and gourds through an on-the-farm experience if you live near a significant population base. Other options include wholesaling and direct marketing through farmers markets or roadside stands. Specialty gourds can be cleaned and painted and sold at craft shows or farmers markets.

Keep in mind that if you'll be offering a come to the farm and select your pumpkin experience, the pumpkins will need to be not much more than 10 pounds for kids to carry.

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The following downloadable article gives excellent information on growing pumpkins and gourds and their care needs. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download this article.

Virginia Cooperative Extension - www.ext.vt.edu.