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Bulb Planting Tips

The rebirth of bulb plants each spring are one indication that winter is over and new life is being created. After an often colorless winter, the colors of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus and other bulb plants are a delight to the senses. Here are some tips to help you plant and care for your bulb plants so that you can enjoy their beauty indoors, as well.

To plant your bulbs indoors, choose a container with adequate drainage. To further improve the drainage, cover the bottom of the container with a thin layer of gravel.

Add a layer of moist potting soil and set the bulbs on it. They should be close together, but should not touch each other or the side of the bowl. Never force bulbs down into the soil. Fill the container with more moist potting soil, pressing it lightly around the bulbs.

When finished, the tips of the bulbs should be just above the soil surface, and there should be a space of approximately a half inch between the top of the soil and the rim of the container.

Place your planted bulbs in a cool place with low light. The ideal temperature is about 50 degrees. After the flower buds are visible, move into room temperature and bright, but not direct, light.

Turn the container occasionally so that the growth will be even. Feed occasionally with a liquid fertilizer.

If you need further assistance with your bulb plants, please feel free to visit Milmont Garden Center and speak to one of our staff. We'll be glad to help you with all your gardening needs.