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Poinsettia Care Sheet

Milmont is well known in the Shenandoah Valley for our more than 20,000 poinsettias during the holidays. To extend the life and quality of your Milmont poinsettias, follow the care tips we've provided.

Not so many years ago, it wasn't uncommon to find the poinsettia curbside with the family Christmas tree by New Year's Day. The past twenty-five years have brought remarkable improvements in the quality of this plant. While earlier varieties tended to drop their green foliage and red bracts within days of Christmas, today's cultivars feature stronger stems, larger, more colorful bracts, and better overall keeping qualities.

Even the hardiest plant, however, requires proper care in the home. To extend the life and beauty of your holiday poinsettias, please follow the tips provided in the downloadable care sheet below.