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Geranium Pinto Deep Rose


provide beauty and elegance to any Summer landscape or patio and can be planted in beds, pots, baskets and more.  They do best with at least 6 hours of direct sun each day and prefer organically-enriched, well-drained soil.  Keep evenly moist, but too much water will cause leaves to yellow. 
Fertilize every 2 weeks during the growing season, but avoid too much nitrogen.  Removing fading flower stems will promote new growth.  Geraniums can be taken indoors in the fall and kept in a sunny window over winter.  Keep them dryer and fertilize monthly.  With proper care, geraniums may even bloom throughout winter.


  • 14894 Geranium Seed Bullseye Cherry 3" Pot
  • 18027 Geranium Seed Bullseye Salmon 3" Pot
  • 14895 Geranium Seed Bullseye Scarlet 3"
  • 40666 Geranium Seed Maverick Appleblossom 3" Pot
  • 02975 Geranium Seed Pinto Deep Red 3" Pot
  • 11718 Geranium Seed Pinto Deep Rose 3" Pot
  • 02977 Geranium Seed Pinto Salmon 3" Pot
  • 02980 Geranium Seed Pinto Violet 3" Pot
  • 02981 Geranium Seed Pinto White 3" Pot
  • 18287 Geranium Seed Ringo Cardinal 3" Pot
  • 13776 Geranium Seed Ringo Deep Red 3" Pot
  • 07092 Geranium Seed Ringo Rose Star 3" Pot
  • 18288 Geranium Seed Ringo Scarlet Star 3" Pot