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You can begin planting onion sets in this area in mid-March.

You can begin planting onion sets in this area in mid-March.

Spring & Summer Vegetables

From Broccoli to Zucchini

offers a wide variety of spring and summer vegetables in both seeds and plants.  The categories below list all the vegetables we currently carry. To check stock, please call (540) 943-8408.  And, be sure to check out our helpful articles about gardening, some of which are included below.

    Some vegetables prefer cooler weather and can be planted in early spring (such as peas, broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach, lettuce, etc.).  Others are warm weather vegetables and won't tolerate freezing temperatures (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons, zucchini, etc.).  The last frost date for this area is generally around May 10th.

    • Arugula Simply Salad Rocket
    • Broccoli Artwork
    • Broccoli Destiny
    • Broccoli Emerald Crown
    • Broccoli Marathon
    • Broccoli Packman
    • Brussel Sprouts Jade Cross E
    • Cabbage Bravo
    • Cabbage Early Flat Dutch
    • Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield
    • Cabbage Late Flat Dutch
    • Cabbage Ruby Perfection
    • Cabbage Stonehead
    • Cauliflower Graffiti
    • Cauliflower Self Blanche
    • Cauliflower Snow Crown
    • Collards Vates
    • Escarole Full Heart
    • Kale Premier
    • Kale Seabor
    • Kale Starbor
    • Leek Large American Flag
    • Lettuce Alfresco Mix Bowl
    • Lettuce Batavian Sierra
    • Lettuce Bistro Salad Blend
    • Lettuce Buttercrunch
    • Lettuce City Garden Mix Bowl
    • Lettuce Global Gourmet Mix Bowl
    • Lettuce Great Lakes 659
    • Lettuce Little Caesar
    • Lettuce Meslcun Mixture
    • Lettuce Oak Leaf (Green)
    • Lettuce Red Sails
    • Lettuce Romaine
    • Lettuce Simpson Elite
    • Onion Candy
    • Onion Red Wing
    • Onion Sierra Blanca
    • Onion Walla Walla Sweet
    • Strawberry Allstar
    • Strawberry Chandler
    • Strawberry Cupido
    • Strawberry Delizz
    • Strawberry Quinault
    • Strawberry Sequoia
    • Swiss Chard Bright Lights
    • Swiss Chard Eldorado
    • Swiss Chard Ruby Red