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Potted Spring Bulbs

Bulbs” is a term loosely used to include corms, tubers, tuberous roots, and rhizomes as well as true bulbs.  A true bulb is a complete or nearly complete miniature plant encased in fleshy modified leaves called scales which contain reserves of food.

Bulbs are broadly grouped into spring-flowering (January-May) and summer-flowering (June-September).  Spring bulbs provide early color before most annuals and perennials.

One of the most popular spring bulbs is the tulip. Tulips come in all colors except blue. Some of the most common types are: Cottage-late-blooming; Darwin-tallest; Lily floweredpetals recurve in a bell-shape; Parrot-twisted, ruffled petals; Double-2 or more rows of petals. Daffodils and jonquils (common names for the genus Narcissus) are classed by length of corolla in relation to perianth segments.

They come in the colors of white, yellow, pink, and peach. Many have naturalized. Hyacinths produce a large single spike of many small, fragrant flowers, and come in a complete color range.  Crocus are usually grown for early bloom (in snow). Crocuses are available in white, purple, yellow, and bicolors.

For instructions on the care and maintenance of flowering bulbs, please click here to download a helpful article, courtesy of the VA Cooperative Extension.

Following is a list of bulb plants we have available for spring.  To check immediate stock, please call us at (540) 943-8408.

07692 Dafodil Assorted 6.5" Pot
35403 Dafodil Atraction 6.5" Pot
27499 Dafodil Exception 6.5" Pot
37601 Dafodil Las Vegas 6.5" Pot
35404 Dafodil Lucky Number 6.5" Pot
21271 Dafodil Tete A Tete 6.5" Pot
21272 Hyacinth Anne Marie 8" Pan Elite
07738 Hyacinth Assorted 8" Pot
24116 Hyacinth Blue Eyes 8" Pan Elite
21273 Hyacinth Blue Jacket 8" Pan Elite
21278 Hyacinth Blue Pearl 8" Pan Elite
21279 Hyacinth Blue Star 8" Pan Elite
25417 Hyacinth Gypsy Princess 8" Pan Elite
21277 Hyacinth Pink Pearl 8" Pan Elite
24189 Hyacinth Pink Surprise 8" Pan
27540 Hyacinth Polar Giant 8" Pan Elite
33175 Hyacinth Purple Sensation 8" Pan Elite
21387 Muscari Aucheri Blue Magic 6.5" Pot
39611 Paperwhite 6.5" Pot
07782 Paperwhite Narcissus 5" Pot
07807 Spring Garden 8" Pan
07827 Tulip Assorted 6.5" Pot
29216 Tulip Canasta 6.5" Pot
35446 Tulip Capri Pink 6.5" Pot
21388 Tulip Capri Rose 6.5" Pot
31189 Tulip Capri Striped 6.5" Pot
24455 Tulip Christmas Dream 6.5" Pot
27492 Tulip Dominiek Red 6.5" Pot
37505 Tulip Donau 6.5" Pot
33176 Tulip Lydia 6.5" Pot
37633 Tulip Oscar 6.5" Pot
25522 Tulip Pim Fortuyn 3"pot
33130 Tulip Pim Fortuyn 6.5" Pot
39472 Tulip Pink Star 6.5" Pot
21285 Tulip Purple Prince 6.5" Pot
39469 Tulip Purple Prince 6.5" Pot
33132 Tulip Singapore 6.5" Pot
25416 Tulip Strong Gold 6.5" Pot
35410 Tulip White Marvel 6.5" Pot
21287 Tulip Yellow Flight 6.5" Pot

Download Additional Information

Flowering Bulbs - Culture & Maintenance

Courtesy of the VA Cooperative Extension.

Planting & Caring for Spring Bulbs

Plant bulbs in Fall for Spring blooms. Here's how.