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Proven Winners Blue Lobelia in Hanging Basket.


LOBELIA is a summer blooming annual prized for window boxes, hanging baskets, planters, ground covers, rock gardens and border edging. Although the plants do best in full sun and moist, rich soil where summers are cool, they will grow surprisingly well in hot areas if given partial shade.  There are both trailing varieties, with billowing masses of blossoms, and more compact bedding types, seldom exceeding 6 inches in height.


  • 03165 Lobelia Palace Blue w/ Eye 4 Pack
  • 03166 Lobelia Palace Crystal 4 Pack
  • 03170 Lobelia Riviera Blue Eyes 4 Pack
  • 07098 Lobelia Riviera Marine Blue 4 Pack
  • 07099 Lobelia Riviera Midnight Blue 4 Pack
  • 13751 Lobelia Riviera White 4 Pack