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Verbena Quartz Mixed


is a fragrant spreading plant ideal for cascading over retaining walls, pots, baskets, and window boxes.  With extremely well drained soil, verbena will produce countless clusters of small blooms all season.  It is fairly drought-tolerant, making it a great choice for hanging baskets, rock gardens, planting in cracks between stones and other tight places.

Verbena Quarts is a dwarf, spreading plant with early blooms.  It is an excellent plant for massing in beds, edges or borders, windowboxes and baskets. Flowers in summer.


  • 30683 Verbena Quart Burgundy Eye 4 Pack
  • 27771 Verbena Quart Merlot Mix 4 Pack
  • 03604 Verbena Quart Mixture 4 Pack
  • 33890 Verbena Quart Pink 4 Pack
  • 33891 Verbena Quart Purple 4 Pack
  • 13002 Verbena Quart Red Eye 4 Pack
  • 11723 Verbena Quart Scarlet 4 Pack
  • 36137 Verbena Quart White 4 Pack
  • 36138 Verbena Tuscany Lavender Picotee 4 Pack
  • 33901 Verbena Tuscany Peach 4 Pack