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Proven Winners Salvia in Red


is a beautiful, versatile plant and fairly easy to grow.  It requires little care as long as the proper conditions are given. Salvia requires full sun, good drainage and will thrive in a variety of soil and water conditions.

Salvia plants are a wonderful addition to any garden and most can be grown indoors.  Salvia officinalis (also known as Garden Sage or Common Sage) is often used as an herb in cooking.


  • 18369 Salvia Evolution 4 Pack
  • 03517 Salvia Red Hot Sally 4 Pack
  • 03528 Salvia Victoria Blue 4 Pack
  • 03529 Salvia Victoria White 4 Pack
  • 07113 Salvia Vista Lavender 4 Pack
  • 07115 Salvia Vista Purple 4 Pack
  • 03530 Salvia Vista Red 4 Pack
  • 07116 Salvia Vista Red/White 4 Pack